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by dj dan dan
published 04/30/2021

DJ T Wise Interview - 4-30-18

Special guest, DJ T WISE (UBIQUITY SOUL) DISCUSSES HIS journey into Soulful House Music. Some interesting observations are his break down of the soulful house flow. He talks about DANCERS, HOUSE HEADS AND THE SCENE AND much more. He is an independent thinker and a business man. Also, find out how he got the name, UBIQUITY SOUL. watch for the link for the FULL INTERVIEW!!! he has a great story and it will surprise you. Watch SOULFUL HOUSE NATION every monday from 1:10p - 3p. plz watch, like, comment, tag and share!!! also remember to register for FREE on our website,

by DJ Dan Dan
published 09/02/2017

What is Soulful House - The Original House Music

Soulful House is a style of dance music that is characterized by heavy kick drums (although this can vary), heavy bass lines, a driving rhythm and gospel sounding vocals (in general, although there are instrumentals). It was originally descended from disco in its waning days, R&B and funk. That’s as far as I’m willing to go to try to describe it. While it’s hard to say who the actual founder was or who made the first house music song, it is practical to say who were some of the earliest champions of the music. There were deejays, producers, promoters, club/venue owners, sound people, dancers, designers (fashion), artists and a lot of behind the scenes people who are unrecognized. This is the original house music!!!

by dj dan dan
published 09/01/2017

An incomplete List of the Original House People

Blogatorial # 4 – 9-1-18

An Incomplete List of the Original House People 


Unfortunately, there were so many people who made House Music happen, there is no way I can give you all the players names and contributions (known and unknown). However, some of the original players who were on the front line were Frankie Knuckles, the Godfather of House Music (The Warehouse and later the Power Plant), Ron Hardy (Muzik Box), Larry Levan (Paradise Garage) and artists like Steve "Silk" Hurley, Farley "Jackmaster" Funk, Jamie Principle, Chip E, Marshall Jefferson (The House Music Anthem – ‘Move Your Body’) and dozens more also played key roles.


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